Can trading be a full-time career option?

Can trading be a full-time career option?

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Yes, trading can be a definite full-time career option if you intend to learn and are passionate about it.

India for years now hasn’t been taking trading as a considerable career like a doctor, engineer, professor etc. However, lately situation has changed where people are looking at trading as a full-time career option, although in foreign countries it has been one of the most popular careers because of its numerous benefits.

In the present scenario, where the new breed of job ready population is exploring various avenues for employment, the autonomy and well rewarding job remain their primary pivot points for finding a good career option.  Well, good news is that trading as a career comes with both of these and hence candidates from diverse backgrounds are showing interest in stock market trading. As there are no specifications in regards to the education background, more and more people are exploring this as a full-time career.

Trading is more of a self-mastered degree which a trader learns over the period of time with help of a professional or books or his own experiences or mix of all. Proficient trading requires immense knowledge related to finance, it is advised to get a related degree in the fields like mathematics, finance, or economics to give your trading career a good fundamental base to start on. This is important if you are planning a profession in trading from the initial phase of your career.  But if you are planning to quit your existing profession and take up trading as full time career, it is going to a goal which will require lot of perseverance, discipline and continuous learning. The journey can be really a hard one but we can certainly assure you that it is all worth the effort.

Although we tend to get biased with only success stories, and envy traders who made fortunes and think we have missed the bus. This FOMO makes us join the bandwagon without proper planning and research and we end up joining the clan of loss-making traders. While choosing trading as a full-time career, we need to be cognizant of the fact that there will always be highs and lows to deal with.

To kick start our journey into this new career avenue, we need to be extremely disciplined and stick to what the book teaches. Understanding and swearing by some basics like stop loss, target, momentum will help us chart a path to start with. Once you start walking on the path, and make sure you are constantly learning, you will soon realize the freedom it brings along with it, be it financial, time or both. You become your own boss with self-defined working hours and best of all, you can technically work from anywhere.   

Here are some of the benefits trading career offers:

Career pace– trading provides you with the liberty to go at your speed, in terms of career progress you can take as much or as lesser time to rise higher.

Earnings– with good knowledge, strategies and market understanding you can have very well to do earnings, trading is about earning as per the skills and not as per the working hours.

Profession expansion– one can expand his career proficiency after/along with being a trader by being a researcher, advisor or trainer. There are so many certifications available to help you become more authentic and add to your credibility.

Be your own boss– the impossible fantasy everyone has is to be a boss without having management responsibilities, which can be fulfilled by trading, as a trader can work alone and as per his will with freedom.

All the benefits put together makes it a dream job to have with a great work-life balance which is very difficult to crack in such a competitive era. Particularly a family person who is stuck up in between family time and earning is usually forced to prioritize earning for the better livelihood of the family. This challenge can be overcome by trading that allows work as per trader’s comfort

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